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CommentLuv Wordpress plugin celebrates first anniversary

This week marks the initial anniversary of CommentLuv Premium, the plugin that pulls comments and encourages interaction on Wordpress blogs. Developed by Andy Bailey and promoted by influential business bloggers like Gail Gardner of Growmap, Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips and Anna Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe, CommentLuv Premium is available on a huge number of blogs as well as the number of satisfied users just is growing.
Andy Bailey is certainly one developer you never know what his industry is looking for and WP Link Shield review mac just what it means to 'over deliver.' Knowing that the main goal for some bloggers is usually to develop an engaged and engaged community, Bailey designed a plugin that benefits not simply the blog owner nevertheless the comment author too.
CommentLuv has been confirmed to help increase the interactions together with your blog when along with a basic comment strategy. The plugin provides the comment author having a link back to their website and blogsite. It also visits the site of the comment author since they type their comment and retrieves their last post, that they can choose to WP Link Shield review add at the bottom of the comment whenever they click submit.
If you've ever tried commenting on a blog that uses Disqus or IntenseDebate or LiveFyre you already know how frustrating it can be. You have to provide everything however your shoe size and then you must allow the program to get into your Facebook account so everyone you realize can also see your comments. It's an excessive amount of work and, occasionally, it's really a little more information than you might want to share.
CommentLuv allows you for your readers to reply to your blog. If they decide to sign in all they must supply is definitely an email address and as a reward, they'll be able to produce valuable backlinks with their comments. If they don't want to register they can still leave a comment, they just do not get the links.
Once a commentor registers with CommentLuv they never must register again. As long as whatever blog they're on can be using the CommentLuv plugin they'll benefit from the same comment and linking benefits.
Bailey has also designed several other Wordpress plugins which can be used in conjunction with CommentLuv. TwitterLink allows comment authors to also include a link to their Twitter account so other commenters can simply follow, KeyWordName allows commentors to create an anchor-text link beside their name, and G.A.S.P. provides spam protection that's so robust most bloggers don't even activate Akismet anymore.
The CommentLuv Premium plugin includes advanced features unavailable in the free version of the plugin. For example, bloggers be capable of use dofollow or nofollow links, you can include special information in everyone of your comments on other blogs, you can see which of your last blog articles links increasingly becoming clicks and also on what pages.
As an extra, the CommentLuv Premium plugin also may include enhanced premium versions of TwitterLink, KeyWordName, and G.A.S.P. This package lets you replace up to seven plugins with just one, which considerably improves your blog post's performance and load time.
To celebrate CommentLuv Premium's first anniversary, Gail Gardner of and Deborah Anderson of are hosting a Twitter Party on August 29, 2012 to answer questions about CommentLuv's benefits and features. During the party, Andy Baily is going to be giviging away a free of charge download of CommentLuv Premium to 1 lucky winner. For more Twitter Party details see 'CommentLuv Giveaway Party.'
Andy Bailey is currently celebrating CommentLuv Premium's anniversary which has a discount price plus a Dime Sale.

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