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Which Twitter based Q&A tool works best?
asked Aug 7, 2009 by triuser (13,156 points)

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The golden rule you need to know when thinking about buying a piece of software, just like Tweet Attacks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness is that it's just what I say. There is no so called magic program out there that will make you rich overnight unless you're an operator to understand how to effectively use it.

Some things can be said immediately after the use of this software Tweet Attacks, this is the best Twitter marketing software out there in my opinion. It looks good, very easy to use, and after months of use, I have not found a single fault. The best thing about this software is that it does not use the Twitter API, this means that there are no limitation. During testing the possibility of Tweet Attacks autofollow / autounfollow, I had some of the best results I have ever used the "internet marketing software" I am gloomy about the software sold in the past, but Tweet Attacks is not one of them! I took only 1 in 5 of my Twitter account to increase more than 1,500 followers in 5 days, the time required for a new account to increase to more than 1,800 followers in just one week, the software works very well. But it is not only an autofollow / autounfollow software.

answered Nov 26, 2010 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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twitqa is the best.
answered Dec 19, 2010 by trianswer (334,515 points)