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What does my dreams mean?
asked Jun 26, 2011 by triuser (12,933 points)

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It all depends on your dream.What did you see in the dream
answered Dec 9, 2015 by triuser (12,933 points)
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Good dreams are cool , you experience things you have never imagined you could do in your normal life. and in most cases it feels real you even don't want to wake up. However when you are in a bad dream, it's usually very scary that you will find it very hard to go back to sleep when you finally wake up. there is nothing as controversial as interpreting a dream, always be careful when interpreting one. Here are 3 Common Dreams and what do they mean.

1) Falling from the sky, a tall building or mountain.

Falling from the sky, a tall building or mountain is a common dream. You feel you have lost control on waking up. Falling is interpreted as being insecure, and unstable. Look at what you are going through in your normal life in order to understand this dream. Are you insecure? Are you feeling out of control?.

2) Being chased

Being chased by an animal, human being or a monster are common dreams. You frequently dream that you are being chased by a ghost faction, government agencies like FBI,sometimes you get away and you feel so good and forget it's a dream.

This dream means there’s probably something fearful that is disturbing you in your normal life and you’re not trying to solve it. Instead of dealing with it head-on, you’re running away from the problem.

3) Flying

This are the best dreams. You feel bad when you wake up and realize it,s just a dream. Flying means freedom, possibility, and hope. For human beings flying means you are superhuman and able to do anything! It can also represent escape when you’re chased in a dream and then you start to fly, this still means you are still from a problem in your life.

To interpret any flying dream, check at how you felt when flying. Were you scared, or peaceful? Was it a fun, or was it difficult? Those are just three most common dream scenario and what they mean.
answered Dec 9, 2015 by goodread (25,323 points)

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