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How to transfer photos from iphone to computer
asked Nov 20, 2015 by triuser (13,156 points)

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Since iphones cameras are getting better every day with invention of new generation of iphones which produce high quality images with high resolution, there is a need to back up your photos since more storage is required for your phone to accommodate new photos. Backing up your photos prevent dangers of loosing them especially when your phone brake down, gets misplaced or gets lost.To free your iphone memory space,you need to store your photos in a computer. This is important mostly to photography lovers and those who are fond of taking pictures. The solution on how to import photos from your phone to your computer has been provided below.

The following is one of the method of transferring as well as importing photos from your iphone to a computer:Use of USB cable;It is very easy to transfer photos from your iphone to a computer by use of USB cable(communication and power supply cable).It involves the following steps and procedures:

  1. Plug your iphone into your computer by use of USB cord which should be matching your phone.Wait for the PC to detect your phone.This is the same way you do when transferring music or programs into your computer from your iphone. After plugging,you may be required to unlock your iphone so to access your memory.Click unlock in case you are asked to do so or when the memory card does not show in your computer.You should click Import photos/pictures in case the Auto-play window appears after connecting your iphone. If the Auto-Play windows does not appear,open your computer icon by selecting computer after clicking the start menu to have access to your iphone memory.In case you have never connected your iphone to your computer,you may be required to unlock it with your own password.Ensure that your iphone trusts the computer you are using.Note that your phone memory may be inactive in your phone thus it may not open applications in it.It is good to create a photo folder in your computer before connecting your phone.
  2. Depending on what you have,may it be iphoto or image capture,click it to open.Note that in case you are working with a Mac,the iphoto automatically opens unless you have set it in a way that it will not open after plugging.In case you do not have iphoto,you can open image capture app that is found in the folder containing applications.
  3. In the menu,your phone will appear under the devices tab.Click the menu so as to view all your photos.Choose the actual location that you want to store your photos.The selected folder or spot of saving your photos should be that one that you can easily remember and access.
  4. If you want to transfer specific photos,click them and then click import option to transfer the photos.When you want to transfer all the photos on your iphone,you should click the import photos button.You can also highlight all the photos by clicking ctrl and "A" button then right click and click cut option.After this,right click again in the folder you want to store your photos and click paste.Always the image capture will ask you whether you want to store/save your photos.Click save.A computer window will appear showing the transfer progress.Once the transfer is complete,the photo galley will open showing all the recently imported pictures.
  5. Check whether the photos have been transfered to the folder you created.You can edit them so as to capture the name and the date.You can also trim them or merge them according to to your needs.You can choose whether to keep or delete the photos transfered.It is better when you delete them as this creates more memory space you could be looking for.Once the transfer is complete,check for a box that will automatically delete photos from your iphone.Create a password if you don't want unauthorized people to have access to your stored pictures.Some times transfered photos may might be rotated in an incorrect way.It is up to you to rotate them either clockwise or anticlockwise so as to make them upright.
answered Nov 20, 2015 by trianswer (334,515 points)
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It is really easy to do this. If you are using Windows computer, you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer directly. 

Step 1. Plug your iPhone to your computer

Step 2. After your computer recognize your iPhone, open your "computer". There will be a folder for your iPhone. All the photos on your iPhone are here for you. You can copy and paste the photos as you want.

If you are using Mac computer, you can use iPhoto to do this. It is really easy to do that.

There also some third party software can do this job for you, such as iPhone Transfer software. This software can not only transfer photos from iPhone to computer, but also transfer photos from computer to iPhone directly without iTunes. It can also transfer music, videos, movies, messages, contacts, playlist and other files between iPhone and computer. It can also transfer files between two iPhones.

answered May 17, 2016 by MarkAla (160 points)
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Transferring photos from iPhone to computer . Using Coolmuster iPhone Backup ,it remains one of the best ways to keep your photos in sync between your computer .

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer 

answered Nov 23, 2016 by Mobbay (282 points)
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To backup data , for iPhone or ipad users, if you want to transfer or backup data to pc or Mac computer, you can use direct data transfer tool, itunes doesn’t allow us to transfer the data directly, so when we want to backup or transfer these pics to pc, it can be a little bit complicated. I think a data transfer or backup tool can help a lot. This is a guide, iphone photos to pc,

you can follow it to transfer other data, too.
answered Nov 24, 2016 by jesld (432 points)
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You can't transfer files from iphone to computer directly, but a data transfer software can be helpful, it is better than official iTunes sometimes and you can transfer data separately instead of syncing them all at once. Apple doesn't have any other official software without iTunes for data transfer through USB. Here is a guide, transfer photos from iphone to pc.
answered Feb 9, 2017 by lizfall (310 points)
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For iPhone or ipad users, if you want to transfer or backup data to pc or Mac computer, you can use direct data transfer tool, itunes doesn’t allow us to transfer the data directly, have a try of MobiKin iOS Transfer,transfer photos from iphone .

answered Mar 21, 2017 by lizfall (310 points)
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I wrote a tutorial about how to transfer photos from iphone to USB Flash Drive, and certainly you can learn how to transfer photos from iphone to computer, check it to see whether it help

answered Nov 6, 2017 by cindyleawo (220 points)
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