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I have my resume in english. I need to translate my resume in german language. Can anyone suggest a best services who will give  at best price ?
asked Feb 7, 2017 by DennisShin (101 points)

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Hi ,

We perfectly and accurately translate your resume to whatever country language you are targeting to apply and finally achieve your dream job. With the way we translation resumes or CVs, you are guaranteed to earn that overseas job faster and will surely create that lasting impression. Visit here - resume translation

answered Feb 8, 2017 by MichaelGonzalez (132 points)
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I would suggest you try Supreme essay service. Those guys usually both proofread and edit my papers. So if you want you can give them a  try. They've helped me a lot with my resume. And right now I'm at my desired job. Give them a try!
answered Feb 28, 2017 by GregoryR (824 points)