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asked Feb 14, 2017 by krameretty (106 points)

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The company has seasoned managers and Tyre&Auto Southbourne often receives good feedbacks from different customers so it seems that their car care service is good and trustworthy. They also give their best in assisting people, thus I’m confident that they can provide fair help to each of your car-related concern.
answered Feb 15, 2017 by ericaanderson (146 points)
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I’m not really sure since they only fix minor problems in my car last month. I can’t give you a thorough review about them but the members of their staff are really friendly and have dependable knowledge on cars. No fake smiles as well from the customer support side.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by kenyaudrey (161 points)
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I’ve recently seen their good skills and capability in handling car-related works when I accompanied my uncle to their depot last week to take care of his car, and he’s actually pleased with their honest service. I see no problem with them handling any kind of car issues. However, this is only according to my basic assessment of the company.
answered Feb 16, 2017 by averytohia (159 points)
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Tyre&Auto Southbourne has been known as a reliable family run company for many years and they are renowned for handling various car issues properly. They can provide assistance in brake checks, finding the right tyres, MOTs, good car servicing as well as free seasonal checks. Several customers have seen their performance in giving solutions in any type of car problems and most of them are satisfied with the results.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by kurtang13 (167 points)
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They can probably handle some car problems but not all since I believe that each car care company has their own specialty. It is not that good to expect too much from the company because what if they don’t have something you really need with your car? You’ll be disappointed and end up giving them a negative review. I suggest going there personally and learn all their possible advantages and disadvantages to your vehicle. Tyre&Auto Southbourne is good and able to provide solutions to all your car concerns without getting ripped off.
answered Feb 19, 2017 by ashtongrimms (175 points)