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How to restore Yahoo mail account contacts and mails back?
asked Feb 15 by wkristen (311 points)

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The Instant Messaging platform Yahoo mail offering stunning features to make use of mail account as per their requirement. Communicating with other active user in one flow and experience different tools which the offer to their customer.

 But the trouble the customer confronting in their account is that all of sudden the contacts and mails get vanished from their mail account list, In that case two simple steps are followed First is “Restore Individual contacts” Or “Restore your entire contact list” to know more about the access the user
answered Feb 15 by triuser (12,729 points)
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The Yahoo account mail can get by restoring the Yahoo contact backup and emails also can be restored by the Yahoo backup. To restore the Yahoo account back up of the contacts you can follow the below guidelines:

  • Firstly click on the Yahoo contact icon
  • Now, go to action option.
  • Select the restore back up option from it.
  • Now, select the date from which date you want to restore you mails and contacts.
  • Then, click to restore option.

From the above steps you will get all the lost contacts if your Yahoo mail account and mails too. To know more visit:

answered Feb 20 by katewillson (543 points)
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Missing data and contacts of Yahoo in the user's account are confronting and accidently their contacts got deleted. Activating back the mail contacts with no more error and complete assistance solution will be provided. So by visiting the site the user can get their problem resolved-

answered Apr 9 by wkristen (311 points)