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I’ve read different articles or reviews regarding their preferred suppliers of natural gas and/or electricity, I’ve seen this many times on Spark Energy reviews too, but what is deregulation?

Early thanks for answers :)
asked Mar 13 by vankirstren (101 points)

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You can find definite answers on Spark Energy's official site. They explained it there but if you’re in a hurry and want to understand its meaning now, I'd say that deregulation opened the market to competition, bringing you the power to choose where you buy your energy.
answered Mar 16 by gofischer01 (104 points)
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Deregulation is simply about being able to choose from a number of energy supply companies (ESCOs) and choosing the one that will provide you with options and prices that will satisfy your needs.
answered 1 day ago by reireinith (107 points)